About Me

I believe that becoming a better creator is the same thing as becoming a better person.

I've always been a creator. I'm a designer of video games played by hundreds of thousands, the creator of a YouTube series with over a million views, a musician, and a computer programmer. I've written talks on the intuitive understanding of complex mathematics, and designed websites used every day by tens of thousands of engineers.

I found that it wasn't enough to master the creative process. I didn't want to create something that nobody would use or enjoy. I wanted my creations to be meaningful to many people. While working with others I found that their creative processes were often different from my own. I was forced to learn how to work with people unlike myself to achieve our creative goals. I learned that work begins long before the creative process begins, and continues long after it ends.

My name is Jorge Rodriguez. It's a pleasure to share with you what I've learned.

jorge@lunarworkshop.com | @cubesos